Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Beginning

Oh how many times have I thought about starting a blog only to think that there is never enough time to manage it properly? Well, the answer to that question is WAY too many times. However, here we are...a beginning. Now the question falls to what subject to begin the discussion and the answer seems to be...everything.

Without question, wine, food, travel, books, life, questions, and such will become the fodder for this blog, but how often and to what degree is still in flux. Initially, it will be the wines that draw my attention, but be prepared for a book review, a trip (both past and present), or ??.

Relating to wine, I know there are many more experienced wine geeks out there and I am not planning to compete with their expertise. This blog will let you know what I like and don't like as I taste through the world. And it certainly doesn't mean in any way that my palette matches yours, but it should provide you with some options to "investigate". In addition, because there are so many other blogs, websites, etc., relating to wine, I am not going to go over every attribute - nose, palette, color, etc. You can always find more info on the wines I mention on the web. I basically want to share what I've tasted, educate where I can, and just enjoy a moment of wine, travel, food, life...with you.

If you are interested in keeping up with my daily notes, check out my tweets on Twitter ( I try to stay on those multiple times a day. Note that they cover just my daily activities - sometimes in detail, sometimes not, but it's fun to update as the day progresses.

The next post will hit on some wines I've tasted recently. I think I'll address some local (Portland, Oregon) wine spots to visit that will provide options to enhance your palette and understanding of wine. Although, that said, there are a couple that I really like to keep to myself :). In addition, if you read my posts, please note any places you believe have exceptional tastings or good selection of wines. That way we share globally and when traveling have locals to investigate.

I hope you find pleasure in the postings as they I will have pleasure in putting them in the ether...te souhaitant le meilleur de la vigne (wishing you the best of the vine).

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