Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation...Provence Here I Come

Yes, it's true - I'm finally getting/taking a vacation. Off to Provence for a couple of weeks. YAY!

I've always documented my travels over the years. Most of the time I have sent email updates to one and all. This year I'm going to reinvigorate this blog by using it to document the trip. In addition, it will provide a centralized location for people to read about my travels...or not. Some emails in the past turned out quite long and it made reading them time consuming for my erstwhile Travel Journal email group. We'll see how this works.

I will send an email to my Travel Journal folks to give them the link to this blog and let them know when new posts have been loaded. And I will post notifications on Facebook as well - that should cover pretty much everyone. I hope you will bookmark this location and come back and visit. Both to get updates on the trip and wine and food related things when I get back.

While the trip begins this Thursday, things have been hectic, due primarily to the Icelandic volcano. Many European flights have been impacted. The winds keep changing ... and they have all decided to head south - seriously impacting flights in and out of France and Spain. Of course, all subsequent reservations on connecting flights and the TGV are all at risk.

Dealing with getting current projects stabilized and the business settled for my absence has also been concerning. However, that always seems to be the case. Decided to bring the laptop with me to keep my comfort zone happy. Check in, make sure all is well, then off to eat great food and drink lovely wines.

I keep trying to not let everything worry me, but...well, sigh. Back to getting the business ready for my absence and time to start ironing clothes and the packing... updates will begin probably Saturday after the Farmer's Market in Apt (largest in Provence). Looking forward

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