Friday, September 14, 2012

The Days Before...

It always seems, prior to a trip, the world comes crashing in causing me to lose what little mind I have remaining. However, so far, things appear to be moving along swimmingly for this departure. Work is getting organized. Preparatory piles are growing with clothing, essentials, techno gear, etc. I sit typing instead of yelling about what still has to be done.  All-in-all, it's looking good.

Still wish I could have dropped "those few pounds" I keep complaining about prior to heading to foodie and wino heaven. But as I look back at pictures of previous trips (where I found the new picture for the blog), it seems I've not "dropped those few pounds" for a very long time now.  Sigh.

The only "gotcha" so far looks to be the weather in Paris. It has been lovely there and hovering in the 70's. Sadly, temps will fall when we arrive...60's and, perhaps, raining by Betty's birthday. We truly need to remember to travel with Betty's brother and sister-in-law who seem to have been blessed with the weather karma gene.

Speaking of the new blog picture, how do you like it? For that matter how do you like the new blog layout? The picture is of a gite in the Southwest of France owned by friends. A wonderful place that I've written about several times. If you ever plan a trip to the Dordogne/Perigord, it's a lovely place. 52 acres with a huge swimming pool and two buildings open for rent. As for the blog layout, I thought it high time to clean it up and make some changes.  There is and will be a comment section below each post, feel free to give me feedback at anytime relating to the trip or the blog.  To comment, just click on the little pencil icon below the post.

Well, time to get back to putting work in its place. As always...te souhaitant le meilleur de la vigne (wishing you the best of the vine). 


Anonymous said...

So far so good, Aunt Deb. I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip. Have a safe and a very wonderful time. We love you. Now, get back to packing and organizing. Time is a ticking.

Larry Huffman said...

Your site looks good. We will be waiting for future blogs with wine glass in hand.

Larry & Vern